Datum: 18.11.2011

Autor: Heidi Weidemeier

Betreff: 21.3.2010 (18:00)

We were very pleased to look at your wonderful homepage, although we could not understand the text, as we cannot speak Slovak. We have heard of you through Walter Lederhaas from Austria who hopes to get a little bitch from you this year. If you like, have a look at the homepage of our kennel: welsh-terrier-hunters-pleasure. de. We are one of the very few breeders in Germany who still want to have "working" terriers. Best wishes for you and your wonderful dogs

Heidi and michael Weidemeier

Datum: 18.11.2011

Autor: Miloslav Bača

Betreff: Antw.:21.3.2010 (18:00)

I look at your homepage, is very nice. I´m very happy that you want to have working terriers, it is my priority too.

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