About breed

History of breed:  

     Welsh Terrier is the oldest hunting breed of terrier. Was bred in the harsh conditions of northern Wels and used to hunt otters, foxes and badgers, but also as a guard dog. His standard was issued as early as in the mid-19th century. For his excellent working qualities, courage and a nice exterior did not improve him crossbreeding with other terriers. On our land has been imported in the interwar period, when assert itself as very good working dog.


     Welsh terrier is lively, temperamental, quick to learn, easy to train and conquerable, obedient and is general-purpose dog in the huntsmanship, vocal on track often (barking on the animal foot-mark). If  just do not hunt is relatively caseful, friendly and obedient. However, if to hunt is always fully concentric on the wild animals. It's a dog that loves water and likes to retrieve, is bold and loud at work on wild boar. Has an excellent sense of smell, often must cope with find animal on track older than 24 hours.


    Welsh terrier is a dog with a compact square body reminiscent of rough-coated fox terriers, robust construction. His frame is formed and flexible. He has rough, hard and close fitting hair with a distinctive beard and brows. Have black or black and gray color with brown markings on the head, neck, chest and legs. Dogs should not be at the withers higher than 39 cm with a weight 9 to 9,5 kg.        


    It is the ideal universal dog for the hunter.



   H.T. Harris, a longtime breeder of this breed wrote about him:

"I know that better hunting dog to put out badgers and foxes does not exist."

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