Establishment kennel


    In 1998, before I passed hunting test and became a member of hunting association, I decided to obtain a hunting dog. Yet to hunter belongs hunting dog. I wanted a dog to be obedient, able to find a loud to drive animal, simultaneously find sticken animal and cast out from burrow furred predators or strangle her. I wanted universal dog. Thoughts were different : Dachshund, Fox Terrier, welshterrier, Jagdterrier and then unknown breed in Slovakia, borderterrier. After a thorough and challenging selection was decided to welshterrier.

    In January 1999 I bought my first puppy Harko z Agačiny . After as proved obedience and easy to train, with excellent hunting qualities and achievements in various international tests, I decided to buy two females and establish a kennel. Registered kennel "z Bôrovej dolinky" I have since: 2003.


Objectives of kennel

    In the past was welsh top crossing furred predators hunt furred predators . Currently, many kennels breeding this dogs the exterior, I think that with this development would certainly not be satisfied the original breeders.

     Kennel "z Bôrovej dolinky" the pursuit of the best hunting properties welshterriers , while keep the exterior in the standard. The aim is to breed puppies that will be in adult with excellent smell, loud on fresh tracks , next shootee animal , sharp bold on wild boar , but also furred predators at work underground. These hunting properties welshterriers "z Bôrovej dolinky" have, they are easy to train. They are ideal universal hunting dogs.