International test in a Fox lair (ITFL)

03/08/2011 09:37

30th and 31st July 2011 we participated on ITFL in Podolie (Slovakia).

Our TINA z Bôrovej dolinky in the 1st round did "expel out" at the time of 0:58 seconds and in 2nd round she did "haste on muzzle" at the time of 0:38 seconds.

Our IHAR z Bôrovej dolinky in both rounds did "haste on muzzle" at the time of 0:33 seconds and 0:26 seconds.

Title CACIT and CACT get VIKI z Bôrovej dolinky, conductor Karol Alfoldy and title CACIT and R.CACT get TAIFUN z Bôrovej dolinky, conductor Lukáš Bálint.