TOP kennel.

14/03/2013 13:09

   Kennel "z Bôrovej dolinky" became the "most successful kennel of Slovak club breeders Terriers and Fox Terriers in 2012, in the category - work power." This award is not only a award me, as a breeder, but also the new owners, who optained a male or female from "z Bôrovej dolinky."

  I want to thank all those who invested into their dogs love and time, allowing them to live their doggy hunting life and make with them test also. I also want to thank those who were willing to send me documentation, that I could register their dogs in the competition.


Individuals registered for the competition:

Name of the dog                    SPKP       The tests in 2012

IRIS z Bôrovej dolinky              2091       skúška v Poľsku Międzynarodowy Konkurs Pracy Dzikarzy I.c

KIM z Bôrovej dolinky               2117      MSBLT I.c/I.c CACIT R.CACT

SIR z Bôrovej dolinky               2248       MSBLT I.c/II.c

                                                            BL I.c/I.c

TYSON z Bôrovej dolinky           2264      CHBL II.c/I.c

TAIFUN z Bôrovej dolinky          2265      MSBLT I.c/I.c 2. miesto CACIT CACT CCT KV

                                                           CHBL I.c/I.c CCT

TINA z Bôrovej dolinky              2266     MSBLT II.c/I.c

URA z Bôrovej dolinky               2270     MSBL I.c/II.c

VÍŤAZ z Bôrovej dolinky            2292     SO 4

                                                           BL I.c/I.c

                                                          MSBLT I.c/II.c

                                                          BL II.c/II.c

VERA z Bôrovej dolinky             2294     MSBLT II.c/II.c

                                                          CHBL I.c/II.c

VIKI z Bôrovej dolinky               2296     MSBLT I.c/II.c

                                                          MSBL I.c/II.c

WELSH z Bôrovej dolinky           2297   skúšky v Čechách LZ II.c

                                                          BZH I.c

WOLKER z Bôrovej dolinky         2299   SD III.c

XERO z Bôrovej dolinky              2321   MSBL I.c/I.c CACIT CACT

                                                         MSBLT I.c/I.c CACIT R.CACT

                                                         BL II.c/II.c

                                                         SO 4

XARA z Bôrovej dolinky              2324  SD I.c

YRO z Bôrovej dolinky               2329   BL II.c/III.c

                                                          skúška v Rakúsku Jugendprüfung III.c

YACK z Bôrovej dolinky              2330   CHBL II.c/II.c

YAGO z Bôrovej dolinky              2331  SD III.c

YOBO z Bôrovej dolinky              2332   SD II.c